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Wed, 14 Nov 2007

Madrid and Moonlight

I'm back in Madrid. Last 30th October I spent my last minutes in Helsinki, in the same hotel everything started. After more than one year and a half I left nokia and Finland. Reasons are mostly personal and related to quality of life, but some kind of violence and a company driven by panic modes didn't help. I left there very good friends and awesome people, special kudos to the three letters gang: xan, tko, and mdk.

Now I'm living in the very heart of Madrid, enjoying great food, nice weather and plenty of cultural and social life. Yesterday I started a new job at Novell working in the moonlight team. I'm really excited about this great team and new technology. In an image:

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Posted by Xan at Wed Nov 14 00:48:54 2007
Now we need to meet in our secret base at Reykjavik to prepare our GUADEC 2008 presentation: The Return of GTK+ 4.0

Posted by Lucas Rocha at Wed Nov 14 01:34:46 2007
Good luck dude!

I got curious about the “violence” part ;-)

Posted by moimart at Wed Nov 14 01:50:09 2007
A disfrutar chaval! Por cierto el mismo de lo del sofa coji un gripazo de aupa :)

Posted by Juanjo Marin at Wed Nov 14 09:25:57 2007
Si al final la comida de España y el tapeo se echa mucho de menos :-)

Posted by Andy Wingo at Wed Nov 14 09:57:22 2007
Welcome back fer! And very nice photo :)

Posted by Carlos Garnacho at Wed Nov 14 10:10:26 2007
Felicidades por el nuevo curro tio, a ver si conseguimos quedar a tomarla ya que estas de vuelta en Madrid!

Posted by Garrett at Wed Nov 14 20:19:35 2007
Congrats on the new job!

Also: that's a wonderful photo!

Posted by Antonio Miranda at Fri Feb 15 21:11:36 2008
Welcome home, my friend :-)

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