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Mon, 28 Aug 2006

dyckola: bye bye

Last Thursday I was watching a really bad spanish movie on my computer when it just died. No power up, so I though that it was a problem with the power suply or the motherboard. It was a really old computer: 1998. I upgraded it twice, with a new hd and later, two years ago with an old motherboard/micro that my friend Luis Mago gave me. So it was a good time to buy a new desktop computer. On Friday I went to verkkokauppa, a computer store very close to Nokia NCR in Helsinki, with moi. So on Saturday morning I set up my new computer, with a very big surprise: my old hard disk was also dead. Only a little bit of noise on power on, and nothing, no more. Everything lost: my music, my documents, my writtings, my pictures... 8 years of stuff. It is a big coincidence, because some days ago Jesus warned me about hard disk failures, so I bought a dvd writer for doing backups. But I got this lumbago pain so I delayed the dvdrw instalation a few days...and then it died! :(

The instalation of the new machine was funny, I got a asus motherboard with the JMB363 SATA chipset. None of my on-cd distros (thanks Novell for the SuSE boxes) recognized this chipset, and the DVD drive was not functional. I googled a bit, and I needed some brand-new kernel to make it work with the all-generic-ide param. No luck. I tried Fedora Core 6test2 with a pretty kernel panic. I need to hack a little bit to get a Fedora rawhide 2.6.17-1.2586 kernel booting on my machine and inside a bootable CD. After that I tried to do a network installation. FTP failed a lot, so I finally got the minimal installation with HTTP.

Now it's time to try to recover all my data from the dead hd. So, lazy web:
Do you have any experience with data recovering companies?
It's a 120 GiB HD with 7 ext3 partitions. Something giving me the full data on DVDs and not very expensive would be great. If you can recommend me any company it would be great.Thanks!

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Posted by Scott at Mon Aug 28 04:01:36 2006
I've used DTI data but it was about $2k USD to recover a 20GB drive, it really doesn't scale with size other than you need to pay for more media or pay for a new drive that they can move the data onto.  It's going into a clean room and all the costs associated with that.


Posted by Luis at Mon Aug 28 04:36:55 2006
My drive cost (IIRC) about $1.2K; I think I have their contact info somewhere and can look up the info for you if you want. There is no such thing as cheap drive recovery, though, or at least there wasn't 2+ years ago.

Posted by Damon at Mon Aug 28 13:30:50 2006
You could try putting the drive in a static proof bag, and then inside a zip lock and place in the freezer for a while.  That's been known to help with short term powerups of some types of drive failures.

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