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Tue, 17 Jul 2007

Epiphany running webkit

When these people get lunch toghether:

Things like this happens:

Epiphany with webkit-gtk. I love GUADEC

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Posted by Michael at Tue Jul 17 19:58:25 2007
Cool stuff! I'm still waiting for a webkit browser for gnome, this gets my hopes up again :)

Posted by Adam Williamson at Tue Jul 17 20:11:00 2007
Awesome :) Where's the patches? I want to start testing this in MDV ASAP...

Michael, are you aware of Midori? http://software.twotoasts.de/?page=midori

Posted by Pete at Tue Jul 17 21:15:52 2007
/me ears perk up!

I'll be watching for further details. Do not let me down. :-)

Posted by Raphael Bosshard at Tue Jul 17 22:18:32 2007
Amazing. Astonishing. :D

Posted by nacho at Tue Jul 17 22:19:50 2007
OMG! That's what I've been waiting for. I expect this to get into ubuntu's repos soon

Posted by Andreas Bruse at Tue Jul 17 22:20:18 2007

Posted by Peteris Krisjanis at Tue Jul 17 23:07:40 2007
Errr, can someone explain why WebKit is so cool? :)

Posted by Britt Selvitelle at Tue Jul 17 23:14:22 2007
Absolutely fantastic! I truly so want Epiphany to be the browser I know it can be! It really should be the Safari of Gnome (webkit references aside).

Let the next few months be the months of Epiphany and desktop integration!

Posted by ken at Wed Jul 18 02:38:55 2007
Can I buy you dinner?

Posted by Alan Horkan at Wed Jul 18 04:17:38 2007
@ Peteris Krisjanis

Why is webkit cool? 
the fact that Apple and KDE are both already using it means it has great potential to take a decent chunk of the browser market, it might even surpass gecko in a year or two but anything that helps break the strangle hold of Microsoft and "designed for Internet Explorer" mess we suffer now is good for all users. 
Webkit epiphany is especially cool as it makes it easier for a Gnome user to test if a web pages will look good for Apple users without needing to turn to KDE and the browsers can compete on other merits. 

Also it is smaller faster and lighter and more standards compliant* than gecko, which makes it a better choice for embedding in various situations. (Aaron Seigo of KDE fame suggested there was quite a bit of interest from corporate users in using webkit rather than embedding the IE renderer)

* this can be viewed as a downside though since mozilla has a quirks mode and is better able to display badly designed pages as the author intended.

Posted by Aaron Seigo at Wed Jul 18 10:49:23 2007
> suggested there was quite a bit of interest
> from corporate users in using webkit rather
> than embedding the IE renderer

seeing as IE is viewed as not great security-wise and is obviously non-portable, there are quite a few companies that are looking for an alternative.

gecko, with its weight and high level of difficulty when it comes to hacking on it even to do things like embedding, doesn't do it for many of them it seems.

and so we see Adobe, Nokia, Apple and others (some of which are pretty big names but have asked for quiet on the matter for now) are all using webkit. the smaller ISVs are equally interested. at Trolltech, we'll be shipping Qt/WebKit with Qt4.4

between "embedded" applications and desktop support, webkit is very interesting right now.

as for the getting better at displaying badly designed pages bit .. well, that'll likely get better as more ISVs pile on =)

Posted by Stéphan K. at Wed Jul 18 11:11:33 2007
I'll take two!

Firefox is great for development, but I'm really hoping this is more performant for my day to day browsing.

Awesome work!

Posted by mike at Wed Jul 18 13:47:52 2007
So, when can I use that on my desktop?

Posted by Paul at Fri Oct 12 05:52:33 2007
Could we force standards on IE by creating a webkit plugin, and requiring its use in IE for viewing websites?

I can dream ...

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