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Fri, 29 Jan 2010

GNOME and KDE programming at the university

Next month I'll start teaching GNOME and KDE programming at ETSI de Telecomunicacion at Universidad Politecnica de Madrid. This is the Application development for GNOME and KDE course we have developed for CENATIC.

The insteresting part here is that the University is offering this course as an official elective course for the students curriculum (providing 5 credits). When I started studying at this same school more than ten years ago, and started my first linux related projects, I couldn't even dream to have an official course about Free Software.

If you want to take a look at the materials, you can directly checkout the svn repository from the desktopsl project page or view the contents loaded as SCORM modules directly at CENATIC e-learning platform.

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Posted by Stéphane at Fri Jan 29 19:31:29 2010
I wish there was the same at my university ! (Montpellier, FRA)

Posted by Stu at Sat Jan 30 02:40:18 2010
Wow, wish I could go back to uni and move to spain !

Posted by Gregorio Robles at Sat Jan 30 11:30:01 2010
Enhorabuena, Fer!

Posted by andre klapper at Sat Jan 30 17:33:21 2010
Congrats! Nice to see this out in public!

Posted by tomaz at Thu Feb 4 19:14:36 2010
delicious to hear. In Bahia - Brazil there's one university providing 'Integration with OpenSource Projects' as a oficial elective course too. the Professor is Sandro Andrade from KDE, and just as yours, he's not teaching how to contribute to KDE, but how to integrate with any opensource community and contribute code.

Posted by used computers at Thu Feb 4 19:40:30 2010
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Posted by Germany Sylt at Fri Feb 5 18:32:15 2010
___ \\\!!!///__
____( ô ô )____
Ich möchte einen netten Gruß hinterlassen
und ich würde mich freuen, wenn Sie auf
meiner Homepage auch einmal
vorbei schauen würden!

Posted by cooper at Tue Feb 16 09:31:44 2010
Greetings, and thank you for the materials.

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