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Mon, 24 Apr 2006

Encoding videos for Nokia 770 with GStreamer

Recently I have been traveling a lot. I use to sleep during train/plane/bus travels, but it is not always possible. Also recently I began to watch some TV shows that some friends of mine recommended to me:

So in my travels, when not sleeping it great to watch some of these tv show on my Nokia 770. I was using some scripts based on mplayer or ffmpeg to transcode them to a suitable format for the nokia, but as I wanted to use GStreamer I hacked some bits:

It is an small gst-python application, but if you want to use it, you need some more bits:Finally here is the python script:gnome-nokia770-encode.py. The UI is HORRIBLE, I just cooked it in some minutes, and the idea is that someone wanting to play with pygtk improve it. Here are some ideas: Send patches!!!.
Many thanks to Thomas, Tim-Philipp Mueller and the other guys on #gstreamer for helping with my dumb questions about gst :)

Update:I forgot to mention that also another patch is needed for making the transcode. It fixes a videorate bug which creates an infinite loop when changing fps: bug #339013

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