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Mon, 19 Feb 2007

Helsinki and maemo stuff

It has been 9 months since I moved to Helsinki (con mi pequenia maleta de carton): like a pregnancy. Just listen to Tom Waits Helsinki mood song from One from heart's SoundTrack (am I the only one that hates the new imdb.com interface?). Complain about food, complain about people not saying hello in the lift, complain about how hard is to go out when it's -27 Celsius degrees outside, complain about taxes. Then listen to Dalida's cover of Besame mucho, and then to Extremoduro's Jesucristo Garcia.

At OSSO/nokia/maemo we are doing lot of cool stuff. Finally we are moving the platform to gtk 2.10. Also our Sardine development distribution is getting more and more love (from OSSO people and from the community). Finally, in the Desktop team we are prototyping new ideas/ui/features. Click on the image to watch this video I took last Friday during our Friday Coffee demos:

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Posted by me at Mon Feb 19 20:00:35 2007
Hmm, what about Avahi support in the file manager, for browsing for WebDAV shares? I'd really love to see that functionality in Maemo!

Posted by Luis Villa at Mon Feb 19 20:04:03 2007
If I can beg, I want a port of Novell's slab to maemo, to replace the crappy heirarchical menu. :)

(Oh, and daap support :)

Posted by Rytmis at Mon Feb 19 20:57:24 2007
Dude, saying "Hello" on a lift (or saying anything on a lift, for that matter) is, like, heresy! I mean, that could lead to like.. conversation! And that way lies madness!

Is it Finnish food in general you don't like, or just the food in the company cafeteria? :)

Posted by pel at Mon Feb 19 21:13:08 2007
Finnish food really is a strange chapter in the book of the worlds different culinary traditions.

I'm swedish, not living that far away, and I really like to taste new things. But some of the finnish food is really.. broken by design :)

Posted by Janne at Tue Feb 20 09:43:03 2007
Hmmmm, what's wrong with Finnish food? Sure, there are some strange things out there (like Mämmi), but overall, what's wrong with it? Could you guys give some examples?

Posted by Marcelo at Wed Feb 21 16:18:23 2007
Janne :
Being here in finland for some time now I can tell you:
The nokia's place is complicated, like once a week the things is "nice" but in several other places I can tell you that the spices are not harmonic, or even sometimes missing. Like when theres pasta, the sauce is just not good, strange... but of course, like any other place, if you have a little bit more of money you can go to nice places and have some real tasty food =)

and please, no kebabs =)

Posted by Janne at Thu Feb 22 11:34:11 2007
Well, I think the problem with food is the "philosophy" behind it. I actually talked about this with my Indian co-worker a while ago. Finns don't use much spices. rather, the emphasis is on the ingredients themselves. Instead of trying to make the food have a strong taste with lots of spices, the taste is more subdued, so the ingredients can play a bigger role.

There is no right or wrong way in things like this. Some cultrures emphasize the spices, and there's nothing wrong with that. And people with that kind of culinary background might find Finnish food to be "bland", since it does not have as much spices. But on the other hand, Finns might find such a spicy food t0o be totally overwhelming. I have eaten spicy food with people who have eaten such a food for long time. And they can appreciate the taste. But when I ate it, all I felt was the spices, instead of really tasting the food.

It all boils down to what people have accustomed to. The food is different in different parts of the world, but it doesn't mean that it's "worse".

Posted by gatafunho at Tue Jul 17 14:58:55 2007
Actually, the problem for us spanish people is that the quality of the ingredients that we use (because of the climate), and the incredible amount of different ways of preparing them, makes us to complain a little bit of the food in any other country.

I understand perfectly Fer´s thoughts. Don´t worry, Fer, you will get used to the idea of nobody saying hello to you. You will eventually start to find really good things in Finns, once you get used to their lifestyle. Having a friend in Finland is having it for your whole life.

On the other hand, it is true that there is -27c in winter, but... what about the nice summer? Nothing like spending a weekend on a wilderness cottage just having sauna, good conversation and swimming naked on the lake.

By the way... how is your finnish?



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