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Tue, 07 Jul 2009

Making of GNOME 1,2,3 talk

After our GNOME 1,2,3 talk some people asked Xan and me about how we made the presentation. So here are the technical details:

Some people also asked me about the song we used to test audio and video in the room. It was Amelie-les-crayons singing Elizabeth: (click on the image to watch the video)

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Posted by Robin at Tue Jul 7 18:07:09 2009
Are the slides available somewhere?

Posted by Juanjo Marin at Tue Jul 7 18:54:26 2009
OK, so I guess this is another teaser entry on your blog before make public the slides, doesn't  it?  :)

Posted by Björn at Tue Jul 7 19:33:30 2009

do you know if there will be recordings available for download?

Posted by ulrik at Tue Jul 7 19:58:44 2009
Doesn't the conference provide a way to get all presentation slides? Any good conference should do that, if not only as a part of organization, but also maintaining its legacy, it's long-term worth. Especially open source software conferences. It might be intresting information. It might teach me something. It might even be something I contribute to.

Posted by Marc-Andre Lureau at Tue Jul 7 22:43:53 2009
hi Fer! why did you pick that song? :) I am also eager to see the slides/video! thanks

Posted by Arturo González Ferrer at Tue Jul 7 23:58:37 2009
I see you keep being the perfect mix of a smart hacker and presenter :) Hope you're having a nice time at Gran Canaria!

Posted by Bastien at Wed Jul 8 03:54:00 2009
Yes! The device should show up as an input device. Hey, maybe there's a bug in my code or something.

In all cases, your mplayer bug could have been fixed by either: using "totem --fullscreen", or running "mplayer -ao pulse" instead of killing pulseaudio. I guess MPlayer's ALSA plugin is as much a pile of hacks as the rest of the code.

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