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Thu, 19 Jul 2007

Clutter presentations with pdfs and smashing your laptop.

Half an hour of hacking with arc. Nice clutter API, nice opt presentation toy, nice poppler-glib API and all's done. Click on the image to view the viedeo :)

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Posted by Hub at Thu Jul 19 18:28:06 2007
but what is it?

I can't see the video....

Posted by Snupert at Thu Jul 19 20:01:45 2007
Poor Hub :((

Posted by Jon Pritchard at Thu Jul 19 22:50:27 2007
Very cool, I like how concise the code for gtollina is.

Posted by Martin Albisetti at Thu Jul 19 22:55:08 2007
And where could I get the code to use the presentation program with PDFs?  :D

Posted by John Stowers at Sat Jul 21 05:22:52 2007
Oooh, maybe this could fulfill the presentation mode wishlist item in evince...


Posted by Juanje at Thu Jul 26 05:58:48 2007

Dudes, you are crazy! xDDDD

So cool! :-)

Posted by Kike at Sun Aug 12 13:44:23 2007
pero que flipao que eres!!!! jajajajajjajaja

Posted by paula at Wed Mar 12 19:40:46 2008
la plut jolie

Posted by Prix at Fri Apr 24 21:03:20 2009
fix your theme please.  i use IE8beta1 and your theme is not compatibly to my IE. in firefox 3.05 is ok.

Posted by prozac en ligne at Wed Jul 22 10:39:06 2009
Interesting way to look at it. For the most part, I agree with you. It would be great if got more post like this. I appreciate it.

Posted by Christmas Barbie doll at Tue Nov 17 12:32:44 2009
Great´╗┐ video! How do you read out those sensors?

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