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Mon, 20 Mar 2006

Xara LX

Xara LX source code has been released under the GPL!. They claim great perfomance of their drawing engine: 2x compared to Microsoft GDI+ and 4x with cairo 1.0. They have release nice docs too. Altough the graphic engine (CDraw) source code has not yet been released "Xara intends to release these under the same license as the remainder of the Xara LX program". So great news.

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Posted by ded at Sun Jan 4 14:37:10 2009

Posted by Dave Neary at Wed Apr 29 16:39:15 2009
Hi Fernando,

2006 called - they want their news back.

3 years on, and Xara have withdrawn support for WaraLX. They maintain project infrastructure, and are accepting patches, but plans to free CDraw are definitively scrapped, and Xara have declared the "open source" experiment a failure. There have been stops & starts from people who wanted to port the application drawing code to Cairo, but nothing has come of it.

Pity really, the project was promising, but they didn't burn the boats.

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