External deps for GNOME 3.6

avahi 0.6.31 tarball gnome-user-share
bluez 4.87 tarball gypsy
cairo 1.10.2 tarball abiword, cairomm, clutter, gegl, and 14 others.
cairomm 1.10.0 tarball pangomm
celt tarball spice-gtk, spice-server
dbus 1.4.0 tarball at-spi2-atk, at-spi2-core, colord, dbus-glib, and 14 others.
dbus-glib 0.94 tarball accountsservice, ConsoleKit, dbus-python, empathy, and 21 others.
dbus-python 0.83.1 tarball
enchant 1.6.0 tarball gtkhtml, java-gnome
farstream 0.1.1 (patched) tarball empathy, telepathy-farstream
fontconfig 2.8.0 tarball cairo, cantarell-fonts, gdm, gnome-control-center, and 2 others.
gmime 2.6.6 tarball totem-pl-parser
gnutls 2.12.8 (patched) tarball empathy, glib-networking, NetworkManager
gupnp-igd 0.2.1 tarball libnice
hicolor-icon-theme 0.12 (patched) tarball gnome-icon-theme
icon-naming-utils 0.8.90 tarball gnome-icon-theme, gnome-icon-theme-symbolic
intltool 0.50.2 tarball accerciser, aisleriot, anjuta, banshee, and 79 others.
iso-codes 3.33 tarball epiphany, gnome-control-center, gtkhtml, libxklavier, totem
itstool 1.1.3 tarball yelp-tools, yelp-xsl
js185 1.0.0 (patched) tarball gjs, polkit
lcms2 2.2 tarball colord, gnome-color-manager, libgxps
libcanberra 0.29 tarball aisleriot, brasero, cheese, empathy, and 15 others.
libcroco 0.6.5 tarball gnome-shell, librsvg
libdaemon 0.14 tarball avahi
libgcrypt 1.5.0 tarball gcr, gnome-keyring, gnutls, libgnome-keyring, and 2 others.
libgpg-error 1.8 tarball libgcrypt
libical 0.43 tarball evolution, evolution-data-server
libmusicbrainz4 4.0.3 tarball sound-juicer, sushi
libnice 0.1.2 tarball farstream
libnl 3.2.7 tarball NetworkManager
liboauth 0.9.4 tarball evolution-data-server, gnome-documents, libgdata
liboil 0.3.17 tarball gst-plugins-base, pulseaudio
libproxy 0.4.7 (patched) tarball glib-networking
libpwquality 1.1.0 tarball gnome-control-center, gnome-disk-utility
libtasn1 2.2 tarball gcr, gnome-keyring, gnutls
libvirt 0.9.13 tarball libvirt-glib
libxklavier 5.2.1 tarball caribou, gnome-applets, gnome-control-center, libgnomekbd
libzeitgeist 0.3.18 tarball folks
p11-kit 0.8 tarball gcr, glib-networking, gnome-keyring, gnutls
pixman 0.20.2 tarball cairo
poppler 0.20.0 tarball evince
py2cairo 1.8.2 tarball orca, pygobject
rarian 0.8.1 tarball gnome-doc-utils
shared-mime-info 1.0 tarball eog, evolution, folks, gtksourceview, gupnp
sound-theme-freedesktop 0.7 tarball gnome-control-center
spice-gtk 0.12 tarball gnome-boxes
spice-protocol 0.10.1 tarball spice-gtk, spice-server
sqlite3 3.7.1 (patched) tarball banshee, colord, evolution-data-server, libchamplain, and 5 others.
startup-notification 0.12 tarball epiphany, gnome-session, gnome-shell, gnome-terminal, libwnck
WebKit 1.9.4 tarball devhelp, empathy, epiphany, gnome-online-accounts, and 4 others.