GNOME Web Space for Giovanni Campagna

You have reached my GNOME web space. This is where I host some of the GNOME software I contribute to.

If you were looking for my contact information, you probably want to look here. If you were looking for my research projects, try here.

If you're looking for my blog, it's here.


Xdg-Apps bundles of various software I maintain are hosted on this site.

To enable the repository, run: wget
xdg-app add-remote --user --gpg-import=GPG-KEY gcampagna

To install one app, run: xdg-app install-app --user gcampagna APP-ID VERSION

Available apps

Name App ID Arch Version
GNOME Weather org.gnome.Weather x86_64 stable
Liferea net.sourceforge.liferea x86_64 master

Gjs Documentation

An old version of the automatically generated documentation for gjs is hosted here.