function get_app_info(uri: String, name: String): [ok: Boolean, exec: String, count: Number(guint), stamp: Number(glong)] {
    // Gjs wrapper for g_bookmark_file_get_app_info()

Gets the registration informations of @app_name for the bookmark for uri. See GLib.BookmarkFile.prototype.set_app_info for more informations about the returned data.

The string returned in @app_exec must be freed.

In the event the URI cannot be found, false is returned and @error is set to #G_BOOKMARK_FILE_ERROR_URI_NOT_FOUND. In the event that no application with name @app_name has registered a bookmark for uri, false is returned and error is set to #G_BOOKMARK_FILE_ERROR_APP_NOT_REGISTERED. In the event that unquoting the command line fails, an error of the #G_SHELL_ERROR domain is set and false is returned.

Since 2.12


a valid URI


an application's name


true on success.


return location for the command line of the application, or null


return location for the registration count, or null


return location for the last registration time, or null