function strftime(s: String, slen: Number(gsize), format: String, date: GLib.Date): Number(gsize) {
    // Gjs wrapper for g_date_strftime()

Generates a printed representation of the date, in a [locale][setlocale]-specific way. Works just like the platform's C library strftime() function, but only accepts date-related formats; time-related formats give undefined results. Date must be valid. Unlike strftime() (which uses the locale encoding), works on a UTF-8 format string and stores a UTF-8 result.

This function does not provide any conversion specifiers in addition to those implemented by the platform's C library. For example, don't expect that using GLib.date_strftime would make the \%F provided by the C99 strftime() work on Windows where the C library only complies to C89.


destination buffer


buffer size


format string


valid GLib.Date


number of characters written to the buffer, or 0 the buffer was too small