function match_simple(pattern: String, string: String, compile_options: GLib.RegexCompileFlags, match_options: GLib.RegexMatchFlags): Boolean {
    // Gjs wrapper for g_regex_match_simple()

Scans for a match in string for pattern.

This function is equivalent to GLib.Regex.prototype.match but it does not require to compile the pattern with, avoiding some lines of code when you need just to do a match without extracting substrings, capture counts, and so on.

If this function is to be called on the same pattern more than once, it's more efficient to compile the pattern once with and then use GLib.Regex.prototype.match.

Since 2.14


the regular expression


the string to scan for matches


compile options for the regular expression, or 0


match options, or 0


true if the string matched, false otherwise