function remove(tag: Number(guint)): Boolean {
    // Gjs wrapper for g_source_remove()

Removes the source with the given id from the default main context.

The id of a GLib.Source is given by GLib.Source.prototype.get_id, or will be returned by the functions GLib.Source.prototype.attach, GLib.idle_add, GLib.idle_add, GLib.timeout_add, GLib.timeout_add, GLib.child_watch_add, GLib.child_watch_add, GLib.io_add_watch, and GLib.io_add_watch.

See also GLib.Source.prototype.destroy. You must use GLib.Source.prototype.destroy for sources added to a non-default main context.

It is a programmer error to attempt to remove a non-existent source.


the ID of the source to remove.


For historical reasons, this function always returns true