function ascii_strtoll(nptr: String, endptr: String, base: Number(guint)): Number(gint64) {
    // Gjs wrapper for g_ascii_strtoll()

Converts a string to a #gint64 value. This function behaves like the standard strtoll() function does in the C locale. It does this without actually changing the current locale, since that would not be thread-safe.

This function is typically used when reading configuration files or other non-user input that should be locale independent. To handle input from the user you should normally use the locale-sensitive system strtoll() function.

If the correct value would cause overflow, %G_MAXINT64 or %G_MININT64 is returned, and `ERANGE` is stored in `errno`. If the base is outside the valid range, zero is returned, and `EINVAL` is stored in `errno`. If the string conversion fails, zero is returned, and endptr returns nptr (if endptr is non-null).

Since 2.12


the string to convert to a numeric value.


if non-null, it returns the character after the last character used in the conversion.


to be used for the conversion, 2..36 or 0


the #gint64 value or zero on error.