function check_version(required_major: Number(guint), required_minor: Number(guint), required_micro: Number(guint)): String {
    // Gjs wrapper for glib_check_version()

Checks that the GLib library in use is compatible with the given version. Generally you would pass in the constants #GLIB_MAJOR_VERSION, #GLIB_MINOR_VERSION, #GLIB_MICRO_VERSION as the three arguments to this function; that produces a check that the library in use is compatible with the version of GLib the application or module was compiled against.

Compatibility is defined by two things: first the version of the running library is newer than the version required_major.required_minor.required_micro. Second the running library must be binary compatible with the version required_major.required_minor.required_micro (same major version.)

Since 2.6


the required major version


the required minor version


the required micro version


null if the GLib library is compatible with the given version, or a string describing the version mismatch. The returned string is owned by GLib and must not be modified or freed.