function str_tokenize_and_fold(string: String, translit_locale: String): [return_value: Array(String), ascii_alternates: Array(String)] {
    // Gjs wrapper for g_str_tokenize_and_fold()

Tokenises string and performs folding on each token.

A token is a non-empty sequence of alphanumeric characters in the source string, separated by non-alphanumeric characters. An "alphanumeric" character for this purpose is one that matches GLib.unichar_isalnum or GLib.unichar_ismark.

Each token is then (Unicode) normalised and case-folded. If ascii_alternates is non-null and some of the returned tokens contain non-ASCII characters, ASCII alternatives will be generated.

The number of ASCII alternatives that are generated and the method for doing so is unspecified, but translit_locale (if specified) may improve the transliteration if the language of the source string is known.

Since 2.40


a string


the language code (like 'de' or 'en_GB') from which string originates


the folded tokens


a return location for ASCII alternates