function unichar_fully_decompose(ch: String, compat: Boolean, result: String, result_len: Number(gsize)): Number(gsize) {
    // Gjs wrapper for g_unichar_fully_decompose()

Computes the canonical or compatibility decomposition of a Unicode character. For compatibility decomposition, pass true for compat; for canonical decomposition pass false for compat.

The decomposed sequence is placed in result. Only up to result_len characters are written into result. The length of the full decomposition (irrespective of result_len) is returned by the function. For canonical decomposition, currently all decompositions are of length at most 4, but this may change in the future (very unlikely though). At any rate, Unicode does guarantee that a buffer of length 18 is always enough for both compatibility and canonical decompositions, so that is the size recommended. This is provided as %G_UNICHAR_MAX_DECOMPOSITION_LENGTH.

See [UAX#15]( for details.

Since 2.30


a Unicode character.


whether perform canonical or compatibility decomposition


location to store decomposed result, or null


length of result


the length of the full decomposition.