function unicode_script_to_iso15924(script: GLib.UnicodeScript): Number(guint32) {
    // Gjs wrapper for g_unicode_script_to_iso15924()

Looks up the ISO 15924 code for script. ISO 15924 assigns four-letter codes to scripts. For example, the code for Arabic is 'Arab'. The four letter codes are encoded as a @guint32 by this function in a big-endian fashion. That is, the code returned for Arabic is 0x41726162 (0x41 is ASCII code for 'A', 0x72 is ASCII code for 'r', etc).

See [Codes for the representation of names of scripts]( for details.

Since 2.30


a Unicode script


the ISO 15924 code for script, encoded as an integer, of zero if script is GLib.UnicodeScript.invalid_code or ISO 15924 code 'Zzzz' (script code for UNKNOWN) if script is not understood.