PyGooCanvas Reference Manual

Gian Mario Tagliaretti

For PyGooCanvas version 0.14.0



This reference describes the classes of the Python PyGooCanvas module.

Table of Contents

PyGooCanvas Class Hierarchy
PyGooCanvas Core Class Reference
goocanvas.Canvas — The Canvas
goocanvas.Item — The interface for canvas items.
goocanvas.ItemSimple — The base class for the standard canvas items.
goocanvas.ItemModel — The interface for canvas item models.
goocanvas.ItemModelSimple — The base class for the standard canvas item models.
goocanvas.Style — Support for cascading style properties for canvas items.
PyGooCanvas Standard Canvas Items Reference
goocanvas.Ellipse — An ellipse item.
goocanvas.Grid — A grid item.
goocanvas.Image — An Image item.
goocanvas.Group — A group of items.
goocanvas.Path — A Path item.
goocanvas.Polyline — A polyline item (a series of lines with optional arrows).
goocanvas.Rect — A rectangle item.
goocanvas.Text — A text item.
goocanvas.Table — A table container to layout items.
goocanvas.Widget — An embedded widget item.
PyGooCanvas Canvas Item Models Reference
goocanvas.EllipseModel — A model for ellipse items.
goocanvas.GridModel — A model for grid items.
goocanvas.GroupModel — A model for group of items.
goocanvas.ImageModel — A model for image items.
goocanvas.PathModel — A model for path items.
goocanvas.PolylineModel — A model for polyline items (a series of lines with optional arrows).
goocanvas.RectModel — A model for rectangle items.
goocanvas.TextModel — A model for text items.
goocanvas.TableModel — A model for a table container to layout items.
PyGooCanvas Miscellaneous Items Reference
Miscellaneous Items — Miscellaneous items.