goocanvas.Image — An Image item.


class goocanvas.Image(goocanvas.ItemSimple):


+-- gobject.GObject
	+-- goocanvas.ItemSimple
		+-- goocanvas.Image

goocanvas.Image Properties

"height"Read/WriteThe height of the image. Allowed values: >= 0. Default value: 0.
"pattern"Read/WriteThe cairo pattern to paint.
"pixbuf"WriteThe GdkPixbuf to display.
"width"Read/WriteThe width of the image. Allowed values: >= 0 Default value: 0.
"x"Read/WriteThe x coordinate of the image. Default value: 0.
"y"Read/WriteThe y coordinate of the image. Default value: 0.

Implemented Interfaces

goocanvas.Image implements goocanvas.Item


goocanvas.Image represents an image item. It is a subclass of goocanvas.ItemSimple and so inherits all of the style properties such as "operator" and "pointer-events". It also implements the goocanvas.Item interface, so you can use the goocanvas.Item functions such as goocanvas.Item.raise_() and goocanvas.Item.rotate()



properties :

A comma separated list of properties.

Returns :

A new goocanvas.Image

Creates a new canvas image item.

Here's an example showing how to create an image at (100.0, 100.0), using the given pixbuf at its natural width and height:

image = goocanvas.Image(pixbuf=pixbuf, x=100, y=100)