A GtkWindow is a toplevel window which can contain other widgets. Windows normally have decorations that are under the control of the windowing system and allow the user to manipulate the window (resize it, move it, close it,...). GTK+ also allows windows to have a resize grip (a small area in the lower right or left corner) which can be clicked to reszie the window. To control whether a window has a resize grip, use gtk_window_set_has_resize_grip(). <refsect2 id="GtkWindow-BUILDER-UI"> <title>GtkWindow as GtkBuildable</title> <para> The GtkWindow implementation of the GtkBuildable interface supports a custom <tag class="starttag">accel-groups</tag> element, which supports any number of <tag class="starttag">group</tag> elements representing the GtkAccelGroup objects you want to add to your window (synonymous with gtk_window_add_accel_group(). </para> <example> <title>A UI definition fragment with accel groups</title> <programlisting><![CDATA[ <object class="GtkWindow"> <accel-groups> <group name="accelgroup1"/> </accel-groups> </object> <!-- --> ... <!-- --> <object class="GtkAccelGroup" id="accelgroup1"/> ]]></programlisting> </example> </refsect2>