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This is my (in)activity log. You might like to visit Collabora Productivity a subsidiary of Collabora focusing on LibreOffice support and services for whom I work. Also if you have the time to read this sort of stuff you could enlighten yourself by going to Unraveling Wittgenstein's net or if you are feeling objectionable perhaps here. Failing that, there are all manner of interesting things to read on the LibreOffice Planet news feed.

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2015-06-30 Tuesday.

2015-06-29 Monday.

2015-06-28 Sunday.

2015-06-27 Saturday.

2015-06-26 Friday.

2015-06-25 Thursday.

2015-06-24 Wednesday.

2015-06-23 Tuesday.

2015-06-22 Monday.

2015-06-21 Sunday.

2015-06-20 Saturday.

  • Up lateish; fixed a LibreOffice bug, pushed last night's fix; breakfast. Carpet & floor-boards up to see if there is a gas-connection near the fireplace, eventually located one. Out to buy and fit a new toilet seat - now with magic dash-pot to retard closing: hopefully more robust than the previous version.
  • Emily over in the afternoon, watched Heaven is for real - spiritual candy-floss; enjoyable - while building your life on something more rocky. Late-night bug triage / chasing.

2015-06-19 Friday.

  • Into Cambridge, caught up with Tracie & Lucy. Interesting customer meeting; picnic lunch in the Botanical Gardens with the office guys; sync. with Niall, train home, picked up babes; more mail.
  • Watched the last Potter movie with M. Up late chasing a LibreOffice bug to its ancient roots.

2015-06-18 Thursday.

  • Breakfast in bed; and a fine crop of birthday presents: primarily pretty clothes for J. and Sci-fi books to read to the kids with a crate of craft ciders. Mail chew, etc. out for a walk in the countryside with J. - oddly and encouragingly child-less.
  • Partner call, project update call, ESC call, project update call.

2015-06-17 Wednesday.

  • Built code overnight, checked out, chewed mail, reviewed bugs etc. on the train. Poked away at bugs, text review etc.
  • Plane, train - dug into some basebmp evilness with mask bitmaps, a horrifying un-readble / debugging Vigra template morass.
  • Lovely to be home with the wife & family again.

2015-06-16 Tuesday.

  • To the venue, an interesting overview of cloud bits. I have a growing suspicion that I know where some of the sysadmins went; they transmogrified into Cloud Infrastructure Engineers.
  • Quested for a Euro-compatible power socket fruitlessly, back to the hotel for a positive customer call. Prepped slideware and demos: worryingly robust - can this really be the bleeding edge ? Back to UniS - gave a talk, chatted to many people afterwards.
  • Slides available as hybrid-PDF:
    LibreOffice Online slides
  • Out for dinner with Markus W - to celebrate the PDF signing crowd-funding campaign. Up late with some interesting guys.

2015-06-15 Monday.

  • Up early, off to the Swiss Open Cloud Day (tomorrow) in Bern, somewhat unfortunate acronym (OCD) - should be dead fun. Train met a friend, train met an SI.
  • My 2nd AirBnB booking for Bern dropped out - hmm, lets hope they have comfortable park-benches. Met a Linda previously with SIL in Africa on the plane; finally found a place to stay; great mobile data connectivity on the train to Bern, and extremely beautiful scenery.
  • Found a hotel somehow; mail chew; slide creation, bed.

2015-06-14 Sunday.

  • Excited present unwrapping with E. - lots of fun lego bits, got 1kg of mixed 2nd hand lego; will that reduce the resource contention just or exacerbate it ?
  • Off to NCC, sermon on the choice of the next sermon series, good to catch up with lots of people afterwards. Lamb roast lunch.
  • David over in the afternoon, good to chat - kindly donated several original female lego-people to the cause. Much slugging, tea, stories, bed early.

2015-06-13 Saturday.

  • E's seventh birthday party - helped make egg & sandwiches etc. prep. party food; morning / lunch-party - played garden games in the mixed weather, water-pistol fight towards the end.
  • Slugged, watched movie, bit of hackery, patch review, bug triage etc. bed early, watched a movie about a writer living in a castle.

2015-06-12 Friday.

  • Interesting partner meetings; dug into a particularly interesting idle handler bug with Miklos - seems writer has always had a spell-check timer that failed to stop triggering - now we execute those bits far faster, we can get a 100% busy loop in some cases.
  • Bruce & Anne over for lunch - good to catch up with them.

2015-06-11 Thursday.

  • Travel to London for a partner meeting; great to see some old friends, albeit far too briefly. Presented, demo'd, train home, unwound a silly problem with the last warning output from Noel's newest VclPtr plugin and pushed it to Jenkins for some CI goodness.

2015-06-10 Wednesday.

  • Beat back the mail flow, board call, partner call.

2015-06-09 Tuesday.

  • Mail chew, partner call; built ESC agenda, stats. etc. More partner calls.

2015-06-08 Monday.

  • 1:1 calls variously, lunch, team meeting. Poked at misc. bugs and built some better ESC stats scripting.

2015-06-07 Sunday.

  • Up lateish; off to a Church bash on Studlands Park, played Violin in the band; free hot-dogs, free cakes, free (giant) bouncy castle; various games etc. at the center of the local community: fun, and lovely weather for it.
  • Home, slugging in the garden, reading & relaxing; good, Yes Minister with older babes in the evening.

2015-06-06 Saturday.

  • Up earlyish, off to Wicksteed Park - lots of excitement, particularly from E. - her first go on the roller-coaster. Enjoyed a number of rides, and a go-cart race between H. J and myself driving the rest of the family.
  • Alan & Claire arrived; caught up with them - played on various bits - swinging pirate ships, dodgems etc. much fun had by all; a fine lunch on the green, talked over life enjoyed the company.
  • More rides; bid 'bye eventually; fish & chips in the car on the way home, managed to survive a lot of standing up somehow today. Put babes to bed. Found that Jenkins had passed the patch I'd been testing during the day, pushed it. Watched of 'The Quartet' with J.

2015-06-05 Friday.

  • Mail chew; finally a bit of hackery; ran some timings on 'make check' and filed another Easy Hack to improve dbgutil performance.
  • Encourging to see Cor publish a 60 page LibreOffice vs. OpenOffice comparison - which rather beats my original (by now obsolete) from 2012, it'd be great to keep that up-to-date though it's quite a job.

2015-06-04 Thursday.

  • Up late; mail chew; sync. with Niall caught up with Mike. ESC call, posted minutes etc. Contract review.

2015-06-03 Wednesday.

  • Up early; mail chew; contract bits; customer call; sync. with Niall, more contract bits.

2015-06-02 Tuesday.

  • Up early, mail chew; elevating one leg all the time is a pain. Worked through admin tasks, tried to get to hacking. Customer call.

2015-06-01 Monday.

  • Back to work; mail chew; 1:1's with the team variously. Lunch, team call, chat with Kendy. Team call. Out to the Doctor's who said the previous doctor gave me a "practically homeopathic" antibiotic perscription, and put me on the "domestos" version instead.
  • J. meeting in the evening, worked late with the leg up.

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