Appendix A. Rationale on Licensing

Trying to wade through licenses and the nuances in their meaning is a royal pain. I wanted to allow redistribution of my tutorial, keep derivative works under the same license, and possibly permit an exclusive book printing so that the Gnome Foundation could benefit from the proceeds. The Open Publication License seemed like a good fit.

There were and are some issues, however:

  1. This tutorial probably will not become large enough for the Gnome Foundation to care about printing (I am just keeping it in mind in a just-in-case scenario). Yet someone else may want to do so, and it might be the best thing for Gnome to allow them to.
  2. The example code should probably be available under an alternative license, though I'm not sure which one(s). Something that makes this choice more difficult are two somewhat opposing goals:
    1. the "exclude book printing for commercial purposes" clause and
    2. the fact that I would like to encourage both those developing open source and proprietary software to use my examples.
  3. I believe a lot of Gnome documentation is available under the GFDL and perhaps other licenses. I really did not want to use the GFDL, because my understanding is that there are multiple issues with it. However, the GFDL and OPL are incompatible with each other which would make mix-and-matching of this tutorial and other Gnome documentation impossible for others.
  4. There may be other issues that I haven't thought of.

Since I basically want this tutorial to help Gnome as much as possible, I decided to solve all these issues by allowing the Board of Directors of the Gnome Foundation to redistribute the tutorial (or parts thereof) under the terms of their choosing. This basically means that I don't have to worry about stupid licensing issues anymore, but problems can still be solved by those in the position to know what the appropriate solution is.