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Free Software for the Many Worlds

We believe that AR/VR is in its infancy, with a potential future far beyond games: next generation VR headsets will have high enough resolution to render text. AR/VR has a decent chance of supplanting the current generation of desktop and mobile phone interfaces, with AR having the potential to become something of an 'operating system for reality'...and, well, we'd really like reality to be open and free.

The aim of the Norse Project is to foster the next generation of free software by building an open source AR/VR computing environment.

While there's no ideal term to describe the project, maybe the closest would be: a desktop environment for the metaverse.

Chapter 1: The Roots of Yggdrasil

We're starting with Yggdrasil, a framework for programming VR content.... without leaving VR... a sort of self-modifying VR webapp, backed by IPFS. The idea is that if you can program productively while steeped in VR, that'll really help accelerate all types of future development.

Get Involved!

This is a big project, and there's lots of room for people with many different skill levels and skillsets. We don't have a monopoly on good ideas, and we've probably baked some really bad ones in already..... so help us out!

Ask questions! Bring your projects and ideas! Its a big world :-)

  1. Experimenting with basic UX in VR
  2. Enabling web browsing
  3. Programming tools
  4. Basic tool-in-hand framework
  5. What is an app? How do we define app boundaries?

Programming VR inside VR

An ideal application of VR is building VR itself, enabling productive programming within a VR environment will help to bootstrap open source development of both AR & VR. Thus our first target is not a full operating system shell but instead enabling self-modification of the project from within itself: Yggdrasil, the tree that holds the many worlds together.

This will give a goal to the development, and make many UI experiments and decisions much clearer. A key problem in new UX domains is not having a concrete enough task to guide decision making, you sort of end up floating between ideas.

VR & AR are relatively unexplored domains in terms of user experience, so prototyping, iteration and experimentation will be crucial to learning how to provide a good UX. Yggdrasil supports the goal of rapid experimentation, allowing ideas for new interactions to be hatched and explored without leaving the headset.

Yggdrasil Technical Sketch