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The latest release of Gnome Blog is 0.8

Building Gnome Blog: is pretty easy because there's nothing to compile. Just download the tarball, untar it, cd into the directory, and run "./configure --prefix=/usr". Then run "make install" as root and that should be it. Note that the GNOME panel requires applets to be installed in its prefix (usually /usr) or it won't see them.

Running Gnome Blog (applet): after installation you may need to logout of Gnome. Then right-click on the panel, go to "Add To Panel->Accessories" and select "Blog Entry Poster". A Blog button should appear on the panel, and a preferences dialog should pop up. Please note that unlike gnome-blog 0.5, except for "Self-run Other", the URL is to the base of your Blog. If you have used a non-standard install you will have to select self-run other and hardcode the XML-RPC URL.

Running Gnome Blog (application): after installation you may need to logout of Gnome. Go to Application->Accessories.

Reporting Bugs: please report bugs against the gnome-blog product in GNOME Bugzilla

Improvements in 0.7
  • Standalone application mode (seth)
  • Works on RH9 again :-P (seth)
  • URL fixed (seth)
New Translations:
  • Italian (fgigli)
  • Japanese (aihana)

Improvements in 0.6
  • Better error handling and recovery (seth)
  • Modularized blog backends (seth)
  • MetaWeblog support (snorp, seth)
  • support (hadess)
  • WYSIWYG styled text editing (seth)
  • "Add link" button (seth)
  • More robust HTML output (seth)
  • Infer exact URL from the base URL (seth)

New Translations:
  • Swedish (menthos)
  • Serbian (dsegan)
  • Spanish (pablodc)
  • Portuguese (duarte)
  • Polish (aflinta)
  • Czech (mitr)