gspell Fundraising

gspell is a Free/Libre spell-checking library and comes free of charge. But it does not materialize out of empty space; it takes time to develop and maintain. By donating, you demonstrate your appreciation of this software and help its future development.

Milestone 1 – GtkEntry Support – €1,000 EUR 🗸

Currently, gspell has spell-checking support only for GtkTextView, a multi-line text area. This milestone is for adding support for GtkEntry, a single line text entry field.

See also the blog post that announced this fundraising. It has been launched in parallel with another fundraising on LaTeXila, a LaTeX editor at the origin of gspell.

Update: Goal reached, and implemented! Thanks a lot for your support! It is available in gspell 1.4, which has been released in March 2017 as part of GNOME 3.24.

Milestone 2 – Maintenance – €1,000 EUR

Total till now: €525.00 EUR

This milestone is for code maintenance: bug fixes, writing more unit tests, porting to GTK+ 4, updating the build system, etc.

Your donations encourage me to continue to take care of gspell, to make it a rock-solid library and well-maintained in the long term.

Support gspell!

You can pay with either a credit/debit card or a PayPal account.


Sébastien Wilmet, the developer of gspell.

Last Donations

3 August 2017€32.00
28 July 2017€50.00
10 June 2017€25.00
29 May 2017€15.54
23 April 2017€20.00
13 April 2017€35.46
7 April 2017€10.00
24 March 2017€50.00
1 March 2017€50.00
30 January 2017€25.00