For Devhelp 3.34.0.

I. API Reference
Initialization and Finalization
DhProfile — libdevhelp profile
DhProfileBuilder — Builds DhProfile objects
DhSettings — libdevhelp settings
DhSettingsBuilder — Builds DhSettings objects
The Data
DhBookList — Base class for a list of DhBook's
DhBookListDirectory — Subclass of DhBookList containing the DhBook's in one directory
DhBookListBuilder — Builds DhBookList objects
DhBook — A book, usually the documentation for one library
DhLink — A link inside a DhBook
Side Panel
DhSidebar — The sidebar
DhBookTree — A GtkTreeView containing the tree structure of a DhBookList
DhKeywordModel — A custom GtkTreeModel implementation for searching DhLink's
Viewing HTML Pages
DhNotebook — Subclass of GtkNotebook
DhSearchBar — Subclass of GtkSearchBar to search in DhWebView's
DhTab — Subclass of GtkGrid containing a DhWebView
DhTabLabel — A DhTab label, used by DhNotebook
DhWebView — Subclass of WebKitWebView
Putting It All Together
DhApplicationWindow — For the main application window
DhAssistantView — A small “assistant” widget for displaying just one hit
DhCompletion — Support for automatic string completion
DhBookManager — Aggregation of all DhBook's
II. API Breaks
III. Annexes
Object Hierarchy
Annotation Glossary
API Index
Index of deprecated API
Index of new symbols in 3.26
Index of new symbols in 3.28
Index of new symbols in 3.30
Index of new symbols in 3.36