atomnames.h File Reference

A list of atom names. More...

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Detailed Description

A list of atom names.

Opens a new display, sets it up, initialises all the X extensions we will need, and adds it to the list of displays.

This is a list of the names of all the X atoms that Metacity uses. Each is wrapped in a macro "item()" which is undefined here; the idea is that when you need to make a big list of all the X atoms, you can define item(), include this file, and then undefine it again.

If you also define EWMH_ATOMS_ONLY then you will only get _NET_WM_* hints rather than all of them.

True if the display was opened successfully, and False otherwise-- that is, if the display doesn't exist or it already has a window manager.

Definition in file atomnames.h.

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