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int meta_screen_get_screen_number (MetaScreen *screen)
MetaDisplaymeta_screen_get_display (MetaScreen *screen)
Window meta_screen_get_xroot (MetaScreen *screen)
void meta_screen_get_size (MetaScreen *screen, int *width, int *height)
gpointer meta_screen_get_compositor_data (MetaScreen *screen)
void meta_screen_set_compositor_data (MetaScreen *screen, gpointer info)
MetaScreenmeta_screen_for_x_screen (Screen *xscreen)

Function Documentation

MetaScreen* meta_screen_for_x_screen ( Screen *  xscreen  ) 

gpointer meta_screen_get_compositor_data ( MetaScreen screen  ) 

MetaDisplay* meta_screen_get_display ( MetaScreen screen  ) 

int meta_screen_get_screen_number ( MetaScreen screen  ) 

void meta_screen_get_size ( MetaScreen screen,
int *  width,
int *  height 

Window meta_screen_get_xroot ( MetaScreen screen  ) 

void meta_screen_set_compositor_data ( MetaScreen screen,
gpointer  info 

Definition at line 2772 of file screen.c.

References _MetaScreen::compositor_data.

Referenced by xrender_manage_screen(), and xrender_unmanage_screen().

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