_MetaCompositor Struct Reference

Data Fields

void(* destroy )(MetaCompositor *compositor)
void(* manage_screen )(MetaCompositor *compositor, MetaScreen *screen)
void(* unmanage_screen )(MetaCompositor *compositor, MetaScreen *screen)
void(* add_window )(MetaCompositor *compositor, MetaWindow *window, Window xwindow, XWindowAttributes *attrs)
void(* remove_window )(MetaCompositor *compositor, Window xwindow)
void(* set_updates )(MetaCompositor *compositor, MetaWindow *window, gboolean update)
void(* process_event )(MetaCompositor *compositor, XEvent *event, MetaWindow *window)
Pixmap(* get_window_pixmap )(MetaCompositor *compositor, MetaWindow *window)
void(* set_active_window )(MetaCompositor *compositor, MetaScreen *screen, MetaWindow *window)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 27 of file compositor-private.h.

Field Documentation

Referenced by meta_compositor_destroy().

void(* _MetaCompositor::add_window)(MetaCompositor *compositor, MetaWindow *window, Window xwindow, XWindowAttributes *attrs)

void(* _MetaCompositor::remove_window)(MetaCompositor *compositor, Window xwindow)

void(* _MetaCompositor::set_updates)(MetaCompositor *compositor, MetaWindow *window, gboolean update)

void(* _MetaCompositor::process_event)(MetaCompositor *compositor, XEvent *event, MetaWindow *window)

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