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Daniel Veillard Mon Nov 20 18:01:03 CET

  • libgamin/gam_data.c: applied patches based on Michael Banck suggestions to build on Hurd and kFreeBSD, should fix #377050 and #377066

  • server/gam_inotify.c: (gam_inotify_init): Enable the basic polling code for the inotify backend so e.g. polling on NFS works.

Daniel Veillard Tue Oct 31 15:33:28 CET

  • NEWS doc//*: prepare release of 0.1.8 rebuild the docs

Daniel Veillard Wed Oct 25 18:14:11 CEST

  • applied atch from James Andrewartha fixing compilation with Sun's compiler c.f. #365029

  • server/gam_inotify.c: (gam_inotify_send_initial_events): Send correct initial events for missing files

  • server/gam_connection.c: (gam_connection_close): Don't remove 0 source (from connection flush timeout fix)
  • server/gam_inotify.c: (gam_inotify_add_subscription): Add the sub to the listener so it will get freed with it
  • server/inotify-helper.c: (ih_sub_foreach_worker): Don't free sub_list items twice
  • server/inotify-sub.c: (ih_sub_get_filename): Actually get the filename

  • lib/gam_error.c:
  • libgamin/gam_api.c:
  • server/gam_connection.[ch]:
  • server/gam_server.[ch]: Don't use running timers for server idle timeout and debug signal handler.

  • server/gam_connection.c:
  • server/gam_eq.[ch]: Only run connection flush timeout when needed.

  • server/gam_inotify.c: (gam_inotify_init): Install kernel monitoring hooks to fix previous commit.

  • server/
  • server/gam_inotify.c: Ported to inotify-helper.
  • server/inotify-diag.c: inotify-helper debug output
  • server/inotify-helper.c: easy interface to inotify
  • server/inotify-kernel.c: kernel part of inotify-helper
  • server/inotify-missing.c: missing list part of inotify-helper
  • server/inotify-path.c: path based interface for inotify-kernel
  • server/inotify-sub.c: inotify-helper subscription
  • server/local_inotify.h: Updated to latest version
  • server/local_inotify_syscalls.h: Updated to latest version The above amounts to a complete replacement of gamin's inotify backend with the current gnome-vfs backend.

  • libgamin/gam_data.c: (gamin_data_reset): Empty read-buffer on connection reset. Patch from Ariel T. Glenn

  • libgamin/gam_fork.c: (gamin_fork_server): Open fd 0-2 to /dev/null to avoid possible problems if things write to them.

  • libgamin/gam_api.c: (gamin_check_cred), (gamin_try_reconnect): Never close the connection fd until FAMClose. That can easily cause clients to use 100% cpu with a closed fd getting into the main loop. (#351633)

Daniel Veillard Fri Aug 11 12:52:34 CEST

  • python/ applied patch from Lo´c Minier to allow install when built out of tree.
  • fix python detection code, updated with libxml2 one.

Daniel Veillard Fri Aug 11 11:35:50 CEST

  • libgamin/gam_data.c: applied patch from Lo´c Minier/Petr Salinger to build on GNU/kFreeBSD

Daniel Veillard Tue Apr 25 16:40:31 CEST

  • applied patch from Joseph Sacco for python detection should close bug #338524
  • server/gam_inotify.c server/local_inotify_syscalls.h: get the damn thing to compile again on Fedora Core 5
  • libgamin/gam_data.c: cleanup

  • lib/gam_error.c: (gam_error_init): avoid changing the signal at all as it would break applications if they setup their signal handlers with sigaction, and used the SA_SIGINFO flag (which would change the number of arguments to the handler)

Daniel Veillard Mon Mar 6 13:52:40 CET

  • fix cflags for pkg-config as raised by Claudio Fontana in the mailing-list

Daniel Veillard Thu Nov 24 17:15:49 CET

  • server/gam_inotify.c: inotify.h may be found under <sys/inotify.h> too

Daniel Veillard Thu Oct 27 15:28:14 CEST

  • NEWS doc/*: release of 0.1.7

Daniel Veillard Thu Oct 27 13:00:25 CEST

  • server/gam_listener.c: applied patch from Ed Catmur fixing gam_server segfaulting on inotify backend, should fix #319697

Daniel Veillard Thu Oct 27 12:51:17 CEST

  • libgamin/gam_fork.c tests/testing.c: applied patch from Daichi Kawahata to compile on systems without setenv()

  • server/gam_dnotify.c:
  • server/gam_hurd_mach_notify.c:
  • server/gam_inotify.c: Fix up minor leaks of GSource*

Daniel Veillard Thu Sep 22 10:07:30 CEST

  • server/gam_connection.c: reproduced RH bug #168744, one need to force nfs mounts to use poll and run from nfs. Seems to have a fix for it.

Daniel Veillard Thu Sep 22 08:54:55 CEST

  • tests/ cleanups for make valgrind

Daniel Veillard Tue Sep 20 17:12:28 CEST

  • server/gam_connection.c: trying to fix RH bug #168744

Daniel Veillard Sat Sep 10 12:46:38 CEST

  • server/gam_connection.c: fixed a portability problem raised by Sjoerd Simons

Daniel Veillard Fri Sep 9 13:08:09 CEST

  • libgamin/gam_data.c: portability fix for non glibc systems fixes bug #315615 by Diego Petten˛

Daniel Veillard Fri Sep 9 12:43:53 CEST

  • I lost one of the changes for #315368 as pointed by Joseph Sacco

Daniel Veillard Thu Sep 8 14:55:07 CEST

  • NEWS doc/gamin.html doc/news.html: release of 0.1.6
  • release of 0.1.6 and python detection fix #315368
  • tests/ adding make valgrind now that 3.0.1 works fine.

Daniel Veillard Thu Sep 8 08:10:15 CEST

  • server/gam_listener.c server/gam_connection.c: removing the subscriptions memory leaks when running under inotify
  • server/gam_server.c: need to make a pass over all C files to fix the headers and Copyrights

Daniel Veillard Thu Sep 8 10:01:15 CEST

  • lib/gam_error.c: restore stderr debug on GAM_DEBUG

Daniel Veillard Fri Sep 2 11:17:17 CEST

  • tests/testing.c: applied patch from TomPh adding link and chown commands.
  • tests/scenario/10.tst: patch from TomPh fixing the number of events to expect

Daniel Veillard Fri Sep 2 10:57:12 CEST

  • applied the 3 patches from TomPh plus a bit of tweaking to not enable the debug api by default

  • server/gam_inotify.c: (gam_inotify_is_link): Revert my last change.

  • server/gam_inotify.c: (gam_inotify_is_link): Use IFLNK instead of ISLNK.

  • White noise.
  • python/tests/ Print some debug output.
  • server/gam_debugging.h: Remove the inotify definitions (they were never used).
  • server/gam_poll_basic.c: (gam_poll_basic_poll_file): Fix a poll limiter bug.
  • server/gam_poll_generic.c: (gam_poll_generic_remove_missing): Remove an assertion that was causing a crash.

  • server/gam_poll_dnotify.c: (gam_poll_dnotify_scan_callback): Sprinkle in some asserts.

  • server/gam_poll_basic.c: (gam_poll_basic_poll_file),

  • TODO: Clarify a TODO item.
  • lib/gam_error.c: (gam_error_handle_signal), (gam_error_signal),
  • server/gam_poll_generic.c:

  • Properly define HAVE_LINUX when configured with default unless CVS directory exists. Use -Ox optimization only when -g is not used.
  • server/ make some _SOURCES conditional on ENABLE_INOTIFY & ENABLE_DNOTIFY.

  • python/tests/ show callback debug
  • server/gam_inotify.c: (gam_inotify_init): Enable the basic poll backend. The basic backend will be used for paths/filesystems marked as poll when inotify is enabled
  • server/gam_poll_basic.c: (gam_poll_basic_init),
  • server/gam_poll_generic.c: backends.

  • server/gam_inotify.c: (gam_inotify_add_subscription), race. Also fixed some real bugs in the last iteration.

  • server/gam_inotify.c: (gam_inotify_data_new), according to the FAM specification. Racey as hell.
  • server/gam_subscription.c: (gam_subscription_shutdown):
  • server/gam_subscription.h: Add shutdown function -- not used though.

  • server/
  • server/gam_poll_basic.c: (gam_poll_basic_init),
  • server/gam_poll_basic.h: Add a basic poll backend that does pretty much what the dnotify poll backend does, but without any kernel support.
  • server/gam_server.h: Fix typo.

  • server/gam_inotify.c: (gam_inotify_process_event): Change debug output

  • server/gam_dnotify.c: (gam_dnotify_directory_handler_internal):
  • server/gam_poll_dnotify.c: (gam_poll_dnotify_delist_node),
  • server/gam_poll_generic.c:
  • server/gam_server.h: s/DESACTIVATE/DEACTIVATE

  • server/gam_inotify.c: (mask_to_gam_event), IN_MOVE_SELF the same as IN_DELETE_SELF
  • server/local_inotify.h: Updated
  • server/local_inotify_syscalls.h: Updated

  • server/gam_poll_dnotify.c: (gam_poll_dnotify_poll_file), POLL_VERBOSE is set.

  • server/gam_poll.c:
  • server/gam_poll.h: Remove old files

Daniel Veillard