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0.1.10: Nov 24 2008

  • Portability fixes: configure fixes (Daniel Drake), configure extension detection (Dodji Seketeli), missing quotes in acinclude (Daichi Kawahata), daemon build flags (Rémi Cardona), drop glib dependency for libgamin (Rémi Cardona), python bindings install (Rémi Cardona), system inotify detection and use (Adrian Bunk)
  • Bug fixes: parent recursing on missing watch (Ray Strode), memory leak when releasing fses (Matthias Clasen)
  • Improvement: API and ABI missing entry points (Ryan Underwood), configure switches for just server or lib build (Rémi Cardona)

0.1.9: Jul 27 2007

  • Bug fixes: enable polling when using inotify this fixes support for NFS partitions (Alexander Larsson), do not run idle handler if not needed reduce wakeups (Alexander Larsson), handling of failure of inotify initialization (Robert Clark), force poll support if compiled without inotify and dnotify (Ray Strode)
  • Portability: patches to allow compiling again on Hurd and kFreeBSD (Michael Banck), patches to ease compilation on OS X (Brendan Cully)

0.1.8: Oct 31 2006

  • Build and portability fixes: handle sys/inotify.h, Python detection (Joseph Sacco), FreeBSD portability fix (Loïc Minier/Petr Salinger), out of tree build and install (Loïc Minier), fix build with Sun's compiler (James Andrewartha)
  • Bug fixes: pkg-config cflags (Claudio Fontana), debug signal hookup fix (Bastien Nocera), client filedescriptor close trouble (Alexander Larsson), low filedescriptor handling in the server (Alexander Larsson), buffer on connection reset cleanup (Ariel T. Glenn), inotify new backend fixes (Alexander Larsson)
  • Improvements: update the inotify backend to the version used by gnome-vfs (John McCutchan), minimize the timeouts usage to not wake up apps unduely (Alexander Larsson)

0.1.7: Oct 27 2005

  • Portability fixes (Diego Pettenò, Sjoerd Simons, Daichi Kawahata)
  • A small memory leak fix (Christopher Aillon)
  • Fixes for gam_server segfaults (Ed Catmur, DV)
  • One last patch for Python detection

0.1.6: Sep 8 2005

  • Large revamp of the inotify back-end (John McCutchan)
  • Code reorganization, changes for polling (John McCutchan)
  • Portability patches for NetBSD (Johnny Lam)
  • Fix compilation without inotify
  • environment variable GAM_TEST_DNOTIFY to force dnotify on inotify kernels (John McCutchan)
  • Inotify race conditions fixes (John McCutchan)
  • Removal of some asserts resulting in crashes
  • Applied some testing patches (TomPh)
  • Fixed a memory leak on inotify back-end
  • Python detection fix

0.1.5: Aug 9 2005

  • Improvement of configuration, system wide configuration files and per filesystem type default (John McCutchan)
  • Rewrite of the inotify back-end, reduce resources usage, tuning in case of busy resources (John McCutchan)
  • Documentation updates
  • Changes to compile inotify back-end on various architectures
  • Debugging output improvements

0.1.3: Aug 2 2005

  • Fix to compile on older gcc versions (Jean-Yves Lefort)
  • Inotify back-end changes and optimizations (John McCutchan)
  • Debug ouput cleanup, pid and process name reports (John McCutchan)
  • Dropped kernel monitor bugfix (John McCutchan)
  • Removed the old glist copy used for debugging
  • Maintain mounted filesystems knowledge, and per fstype preferences (John McCutchan)

0.1.2: Jul 13 2005

  • More patches from John McCutchan for the inotify back-end, inotify is now in Linus's kernel tree, a patch for the new kernel API was needed.
  • Lot of cleanup patches from Neal H. Walfield affecting most of the server code.
  • Fixed an authentication problem.

0.1.1: Jun 10 2005

  • Bug fixes: gamin_data_conn_event (Mark McLoughlin), crash from bug #303932 (Frederic Crozat), Inotify and mounted media #171201 (John McCutchan), monitoring multiple files in busy directories #159748 (mounted media did not show up on Desktop), write may not be atomic (Neal H. Walfield), Monitoring a directory when it is a file.
  • Portability to Hurd/Mach and various code cleanups (Neal H. Walfield)
  • Added support for ~ as user home alias in .gaminrc

0.1.0: May 12 2005

  • Close inherited file descriptors on exec of gam_server
  • Cancelling a monitor send back a FAMAcknowledge based on patch by Christophe Saout
  • Fixed for big files > 2GB
  • Bug when monitoring a non existing directory
  • Make client side thread safe (Nicholas Miell base patch)
  • Unreadable directory fixes (Nickolay Shmyrev)
  • A lot more regression tests, more debugging support and code cleanups.
  • Better flow control handling
  • Updated to latest inotify version: 0.23-6 (John McCutchan, Todor Penev, Andrei Lahun, Daniel Drake)
  • MacOSX/BSDs portability using kqueue (Joe Marcus Clarke, Fred Leason)

0.0.26: Mar 15 2005

  • Fixed an include problem showing up with gcc4
  • A couple of documentation typo fixes
  • fixed the crash on failed tree assert bug #150471 based on patch from Dean Brettle
  • removed an incompatibility with SGI FAM #149822

0.0.25: Mar 1 2005

  • Fix a configure problem reported by Martin Schlemmer
  • Fix the /media/* and /mnt/* mount blocking problems from 0.0.24
  • Fix the monitoring of directory using poll and not kernel

0.0.24: Feb 18 2005

  • more documentation
  • lot of serious bug fixes including Gnome Desktop refresh bug
  • extending the framework for more debug (configure --enable-debug-api)
  • extending the python bindings for watching the same resource multiple times and adding debug framework support
  • growing the regression tests a lot based on python bindings
  • inotify-0.19 patch from John McCutchan
  • renamed python private module to _gamin to follow Python PEP 8

0.0.23: Feb 8 2005

  • memory corruption fix from Mark on the client side.
  • extending the protocol and API to allow skipping Exists and EndExists events to avoid deadlock on reconnect or when they are not used (all gam_servers should be killed after an update to 0.0.23).

0.0.22: Jan 31 2005

  • Added Python regression test, and a python disconnect() operation.
  • Applied patches from John McCutchan to fix inotify 0.18 backend.
  • 3 bugs fixed.

0.0.21: Jan 26 2005

  • Added Python bindings.
  • Applied patch from Philipp Zabel to switch to inotify 0.18 protocol. This won't work with older inotify kernel versions.
  • Doc fix (Mark McLoughlin).
  • Removal of compilation warnings.

0.0.20: Jan 6 2005

  • Frederic Crozat seems to have found the list corruption bug and provided a patch.
  • Frederic Crozat fixed the poll only mode.

0.0.19: Dec 3 2004

  • still chasing the loop bug, made another pass at checking GList, added own copy with memory poisonning of GList implementation.
  • fixed a compile issue when compiling without debug
  • Another internal bugfix.

0.0.18: Nov 26 2004

  • still chasing the loop bug, checked and cleaned up all GList use
  • patch from markmc to minimize load on busy apps

0.0.16: Oct 20 2004

  • chasing #132354, lot of debugging, checking and testing and a bit of refactoring

0.0.15: Oct 16 2004

  • workaround to detect loops and avoid the nasty effects, see RedHat bug #132354

0.0.14: Oct 3 2004

  • Found and fixed the annoying bug where update were not received should fix bugs ##132429, #133665 and #134413
  • new mechanism to debug on-the-fly by sending SIGUSR2 to client or server
  • Added documentation about internals

0.0.14: Oct 3 2004

  • Found and fixed the annoying bug where update were not received should fix bugs ##132429, #133665 and #134413 in Red Hat bugzilla
  • new mechanism to debug on-the-fly by sending SIGUSR2 to client or server
  • Added documentation about internals

0.0.13: Oct 1 2004

  • applied portability fixes
  • hardened the code while chasing a segfault

0.0.12: Sep 30 2004

  • potential fix for a hard to reproduce looping problem.

0.0.11: Sep 27 2004

  • inotify support compiled in by default
  • fix ABI FAM compatibility problems #133162
  • update to the latest version of inotify

0.0.10: Sep 21 2004

  • fixed API/ABI incompatibility between FAM and gamin about FAMErrno and FamErrlist
  • added support for a per-user configuration file $HOME/.gaminrc
  • applied a portability patch from Michael Banck
  • extended the documentation

0.0.9: Sep 1 2004

  • fix konqueror crash Red Hat bug #130967
  • statically excludes /mnt//* /media//* from kernel monitoring to avoid umount problems

0.0.8: Aug 26 2004

  • inotify backend patch (Martin Schlemmer)
  • documentation
  • fixed 0.0.7 crashes
  • fixed the kernel/poll detection code which was buggy

0.0.7: Aug 24 2004

  • increased the test suite
  • activate poll and kernel monitoring (dnotify) simultaneously
  • fix monitoring of resources initially missing
  • fix load problem due to dnotify on very busy resources

0.0.6: Aug 19 2004

  • fix monitoring of file resources
  • moved gam_server to $libexec since it doesn't need to be started from the command line usually
  • test and fixes on x86_64
  • removal all thread dependancies and conditional code

Daniel Veillard