GUADEC 2013: An update on GNOME-OSTree status

11:15, restate my assumptions

  1. Mathematics is the language of nature
  2. Free Software
  3. Fun
  4. Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Why is GNOME here?

Connected: Overlapping ecosystems around centers of gravity

gnome-ostree high level: a build system

Core values


Concrete achievements

OSTree: git for operating system binaries

OSTree Magic Tricks

Layered on top: gnome-ostree

  {"src": "gnome:gnome-common",
   "component": "devel"},
  {"src": "gnome:libxml2"},
  {"src": "git:git://",
   "tag": "7d395c2a255a44fd0d65365ea9b525dba70c062c"},
  {"src": "fd-spice:spice",
   "patches": ["spice-no-builddir.patch",
   "config-opts": ["--disable-smartcard"]},

gnome-ostree output

From commit to your VM

From build to testing

gnome-ostree buildsystem TODO

Future: FOSS Apps

OS / Application split

Future? Proprietary Apps

Future: systemd for user session, per-application containers

Future: Unified OS extensions and Shell extensions