for OSTree 2014.5

I. OSTree Overview
Comparison with "package managers"
Comparison with block/image replication
Atomic transitions between parallel-installable read-only filesystem trees
II. Anatomy of an OSTree repository
Core object types and data model
Repository types and locations
III. Deployments
"osname": Group of deployments that share /var
Contents of a deployment
The system /boot
IV. Atomic Upgrades
You can turn off the power anytime you want...
Simple upgrades via HTTP
Upgrades via external tools (e.g. package managers)
Assembling a new deployment directory
Atomically swapping boot configuration
V. Adapting existing mainstream distributions
System layout
Booting and initramfs technology
Adapting existing package managers
API Reference
Core repository-independent functions — Create, validate, and convert core data types
Content-addressed object store — A git-like storage system for operating system binaries
In-memory modifiable filesystem tree — Modifiable filesystem tree
Root partition mount point — Manage physical root filesystem
API Index