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Fri 2008/Oct/24
  • I spent the weekend and the first days of this week in Galicia. The weekend was the Igalia Summit Autumn 08, so I took a few planes on Friday and arrived right on time for some football. We spent the whole weekend in a nice place east from Santiago de Compostela, going insane playing a geocaching competition, and in general, having fun and getting to know ourselves and Igalia a bit better.

    Igalian people

    Then, I spent a few days working onsite in the A Grela offices, in A Coruña. The environment is as cool as I remember it, and it really feels great to have the guys around. Surprisingly, they managed to make me completely forget about my camera, which I didn't use during the six days I spent with them. Unbelievable! No pics of Santiago nor A Coruña.

    I came back to Helsinki yesterday, and slept so much that only the second morning coffee cup was able to get my brain working again. I would love to do that again.

Mon 2008/Oct/13
  • This is one of the things that makes you smile about the beautiful community we build everyday. Pierre-Luc Beaudoin is working in a really cool clutter powered widget for the visualization of maps: libchamplain. Not only that, but he also went on and created a kicking ass plugin, for the Eye of GNOME, that displays geotagged photos in a map in the eog window. A screenshot is worth more than 1000 words:

    libchamplain powered Eye of GNOME

    We merged his patch in the eog-plugins SVN module, for you to enjoy at home! Yay! Just go grab the eog-plugins module, and the latest release of libchamplain.

    Distros out there, what are you waiting to package libchamplain and libchamplain-gtk? huh?

  • So, Zeeshan actually likes Molly Malone's. He only disagreed about Meritähti being a good bar..

  • Thanks tigert for the kicking ass hackergotchi!

Sun 2008/Oct/12
  • A weekend on the drop of deprecated libraries: just while Francisco and I were cooking patches to remove the dependencies on libgnomeui and libgnomeprint in gyrus, Felix published patches in bugzilla to remove dependencies on libglade and libgnome-desktop in Eye of GNOME. Great!

  • Although Zeeshan may disagree, I still think that Molly Malone's rules enough to have spent both Friday and Saturday evening there. So, Zeeshan, still waiting for your suggestions.

  • Today I was able to do about 8 kms around Töölönlahti, even when I had started feeling some pain in my left knee the previous times I had run here. Now I didn't feel any pain while running, but now at home it feels a bit uncomfortable. Anyway, that is better than not being able to run back home, like last week.

    Hopefully the weather will be still runner-friendly during the next weeks.

Sun 2008/Oct/05
  • Given that I am a DAAD alumn, I have the blessing of being able to order at most €200 in Computer Science books. So, today I sent my order for this year. As I'm likely to spend some time working on software design and user interfaces, my selection focuses a bit on design patterns, OO programming, plus some classics that I think could be interesting to read:

    • Gamma, Erich / Helm, Richard / Johnson, Ralph / Vlissides, John: Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software. ISBN: 0201633612
    • Brooks, Jr. Frederick P.: The Mythical Man-Month: Essays on Software Engineering. ISBN: 0201835959.
    • Tidwell, Jenifer: Designing Interfaces. ISBN: 0596008031.
    • Weisfeld, Matt: The Object-Oriented Thought Process. ISBN: 0672330164
    • Bentley, Jon: Programming Pearls. ISBN: 0201657880
    • Knuth, Donald E.: Things a Computer Scientist Rarely Talks About (CSLI Lecture Notes No. 136). ISBN: 1575863278.
    • Abelson, Harold / Sussman, Gerald Jay / Sussman, Julie: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs. ISBN: 0262510871.

    Obviously, the list exceeds the €200 limit, but this makes sense, as most probably not all the titles will be available at the time the order is processed. And the list above is in priority order, so, let's see what I get for Christmas.

    So, now is the time when you email me and tell me "you chose the wrong book on $TOPIC.."

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