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Tue 2007/Feb/27
  • Coincidentally with Vincent announcing his rhythmbox plugin for Gossip, I hacked during the last days a small patch to make gaim-rhythmbox use the album cover of the song you are currently listening as the buddy icon. It wasn't hard at all, but I first had to deal with some limitations of the GObject python bindings, until I gave up and reported the issue to the rhythmbox maintainers, who incredibly quickly wrote a fix for the problem and applied it to trunk.

    To enjoy it, you'll need to grab trunk's Rhythmbox, apply this patch to it, grab trunk's gaim-rhythmbox from its project page, and apply this patch to it. Or, if you are too lazy, just wait for the patches to be accepted :-)

    Click on the image to see it in action:

  • Am glad to have committed at last a patch by Rodrigo Aguilar to add an Open image with... functionality to the Eye of GNOME. Great to see another Chilean contributing to GNOME!

    Rodrigo read an old call I made for contributors, asked for the related bug to be assigned to him, investigated, wrote a very good patch, and had the patience to follow all my pedantic suggestions to improve it. Thanks a lot dude and I hope to see you again rocking in GNOME!

Thu 2007/Feb/22
  • Till today, I hadn't wanted to criticize Transantiago, the new transportation system in Santiago. I had had only good experiences, shorter trip times, and better coverage than before.

    But tonight, I and a bunch of clueless guys in the downtown had to ask for a ride to a random driver in order to go home. Once closer to my home, a cab let me do the final part of my trip safely, in a city with 6 million inhabitants, but almost no buses on the streets after 23:00.

    Hey, dear politicians, do something. We pay our damn taxes, and we really will to pay the fare. We are not asking for anything supernatural, just put the freaking buses on the streets. It's not just irresponsible bohemians, there's a whole world who works till late and need to go home, quick and safely, in the nights.

Mon 2007/Feb/12
  • Dear VTR:

    Why are you charging me two long distance calls to Spain, made on Dec 21st, if I hired your services on Dec 23rd? Even worse. I explicitly said to your saleswoman to disable long distance calls. So what's your explanation on this?

    I also want to remember you, that you charged me twice the installation costs (once when I hired it, the second time in the first bill). Could you please stop making me waste my time?

    Love, cl.

Sat 2007/Feb/10
  • I tried today the emacs-unicode-2 emacs branch in order to get some antialiased fonts in EMACS, powered by FreeType. Surprisingly, it worked out of CVS and it looks really nice. Check this screenshot using the always disgusting Comic Sans MS.

    To give it a try, follow the instructions in the Emacs Wiki.

Sun 2007/Feb/04
  • After some time ago the gyrus website mysteriously disappeared from the net, I finally sat on my ass and wrote a new website for the project. I plan to code again on it to clean it up a bit and add some features, and see how the audience reacts.

  • Some ice coffe helped me a lot this afternoon. I love the taste of vanilla ice cream and coffee all mixed, yummy, yummy.

  • To gather the really diverse interests of the people from the Faculty, we've set up yet another Planet. With you, Planeta ICC.

    I hope more feeds will join with time, and to fix some small issues with the timezone when I have the time.

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