Claudio Saavedra

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Thu 2006/Sep/07
  • Decided to stop all my (really few) free software activity and focus only on contributing to the next EOG development cycle. If there is anything I like on free software is coding, and that's why I'll focus on that.

    This way I can use the what's left of my time on passing all my lectures, assisting a couple of lectures and earning some money with it, finding a good dissertation topic and getting into it, and enjoying life.

    I won't present any work to Dia GNOME, nor help with the organization. Unfortunately I don't feel the extra energy to get involved in such beautiful iniciatives. Nowadays I am having a hard time on getting things done and I think I would be a better help if I simply take a step beside.

    Thanks for the understanding.

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Thu 2006/Sep/07 22:59:09 -0400